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“Money in Chancery”

Many families have ‘legends’ of ‘Money in Chancery’, that could be recovered, if a particular link could be proven, or a document found.

Others may have seen sensationalized television programs, suggesting that persons with their surname, may be able to lay claim to areas of valuable real estate – or even entire states!

Over the years, we have investigated a good few of these ‘family money’ stories; and it is unfortunately the case that we have never found one that proved to have any valuable substance, or appeared viable for further investment of time and money.

That however does not mean that such ‘lost’ wealth does not exist – it certainly does – it is just that the values involved and the possibilities of being able to recover it, have often been inflated well beyond reality, with the passage of time, and desire for good fortune.

As a matter of policy, and in order to save both our own and the potential heir’s time and money, we will no longer investigate matters of this kind, unless there is documentary evidence in existence, that suggests that there is some substance to the matter. In those cases, we will always be happy to provide a brief initial opinion, free-of-charge.

Unfortunately though, the large number of e-mails that we receive, along the lines of “my grandmother always said we had money in Chancery… how much will it cost to recover it…”, will be answered with a link to this page.

The National Archives website provides further information on this topic, here.