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Our Core Services

The skills and resources we utilise in delivering our ‘core’ services, are capable of utilisation in many  other fields. If you do not see your particular requirement listed here, please contact us anyway – as we may well be able to assist.

Missing Heirs & Beneficiaries

The majority of the matters we deal with, are concerned with the identification and location of blood-heirs to intestate estates. Every estate is as different as the families it concerns. In one case we may simply be looking for a sibling who has simply lost contact with the deceased’s family over the years; in another case, we might be tracing the descendants of a large Victorian family, leading to a hundred or more beneficiaries, spread all over the world. With our experience and resources, we are able to provide effective and correct solutions to virtually all problems that may be encountered in an unknown or missing heir situation; locating the beneficiaries, or assisting with other solutions, such as indemnity insurance, where the problem is irresolvable otherwise. Additionally; following the location of the beneficiaries; we can provide administration support services, with regard to distribution account drafting and correspondence with the various heirs.

Indemnity Insurance

Regardless of the outcome of our research, in all but the most straightforward cases, we would recommend to an estate administrator that they obtain the protection of a Missing Beneficiary Indemnity (MBI) insurance, with regard to the possibility of future claims from previously unknown, or untraceable kin. We are well placed to obtain quotations for suitable insurance cover, once our own research is complete – and in most cases, we will be able to obtain competitive offers from more than one insurer. An appropriate policy will cover the personal representative, and any beneficiary who has received a share in an estate, against claims by or through any beneficiary missing or unknown at the time of distribution. In cases where we have been responsible for the research, it is normal for the insurers to waive their right of subrogation against the individual beneficiaries, in the event of a claim. The policy is charged at a single premium, and the cover is open-ended. The actual cost of the insurance will depend on the limit of indemnity required, and the insurers’ view of the risks involved. Any premium in respect of Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance is usually paid as an expense of the estate. In addition to Missing Beneficiary Indemnities, we are often able to assist with Missing Will and Comprehensive Estate cover. Please contact us with details of your specific requirements. Our initial review is free of charge.

Claim Verification

Administrators may on occasion receive claims from persons claiming to be related to a particular deceased, but unable to prove that relationship. Others may claim a relationship that, whilst supported by documentation, may not “ring true”, for a variety of reasons. In all such cases, we can obtain and review documentation and records in support (or otherwise) of the claim, and report appropriately. All enquiries, as with all matters we deal with, would be carried out discretely and in strictest confidence. Please contact us, to discuss your specific problem and requirements.

Statutory Wills

An application for the execution of a statutory will on behalf of a patient lacking testamentary capacity, may result in a need to establish the extent of the patient’s family, as parties who might be adversely affected by the will. Although in some cases this might be straightforward, with close relatives all known; there can be circumstances where it is necessary to locate members of the wider family; perhaps with the issue of numerous uncles and aunts of the patient having to be identified and located. In these circumstances, we can use our resources and experience to research the relevant families and report-back as requested, or as may be ordered by the Court. Please contact us for further details; or to discuss a specific matter.

Certificates & Records

Our in-house holdings of indexes and extensive access to online records and resources, enable us to provide an efficient and effective service with regard to obtaining the following UK records: – Birth Certificates – Marriage Certificates – Death Certificates – Adoption Certificates – Wills – Grants of Probate / Letters of Administration – Divorce – Decree Absolute We are able to accept instructions to obtain any of the above, by e-mail, fax, telephone, or letter, from professional clients, on account. Please contact us with your requirements.

Legatee “Gone-Away”

Executors may often find that letters sent to legatees named in a Will, are returned marked “Gone-Away”, or “Deceased”. With this specific problem in mind, we have developed our fixed-fee “Locate” services, which can usually resolve these matters quickly and effectively. Please contact us for further details, or to discuss a specific problem.